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Eleuthera, Bahamas

“ISLAND of FREEDOM” Eleuthera, Bahamas
Introducing Delancey Township, a Grande Master Planned Resort Development Located on the “Island of Freedom” in Southern Eleuthera, Bahamas. A Sustainable Resort Community Developed and Initiated from the Ground Up with the Newest and Most Efficient Infrastructure and Technology. Delancey Township Will Offer the Finest Island Lifestyle and Entertainment Venue’s Located Anywhere Throughout the Caribbean.
The Community and Exclusive Resort of “ISLAND of FREEDOM” Bahamas Will be Like No Other.  As a James F. Snyder Resort Community and Vision, In partnership with Jaguar Holdings & Development, It Will be Conceptualized and Crafted to be an Unparalleled Destination.

It Will Become a Community of Diversity and Harmony of Cultures, Families, Generations, Amenities, Services, Conveniences, Adventures, and Overall Quality of Life.  Community and Business Values Will Instill, Respecting Others, Helping Others, Giving Thanks, and Celebrating our Lives. The Development and Creation of “ISLAND of FREEDOM” Will Absorb and Implement New and Creative Ideas to Sustain Environmentally Eco-Friendly Business and Development Programs, Re-Use and Recycle Practices, Support Eco-Farming, Create a Walking and Active Community and Environment, and Will Implement Electric Cars (GEM Cars) Within the Property for Services and General Transportation.  

Various Partnerships and Businesses Will Invent and Promote Employment Opportunities, Educational and Trade Apprenticeship Programs, Support Charitable Organizations, As Well As, Facilitating Work Force Housing for Local Individuals and Families Participating Within the Community. The Property Will Ultimately Consist of Over 6,000 Acres in Eleuthera Bahamasagraph here.

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